Director Jayant Gilatar's Bollywood movie "Chalk N Duster" featuring Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Aarya Babbar and Richa Chadda in the lead roles, has got positive reviews from the audience.

"Chalk n Duster" deals with problems faced by teachers and students in modern day schools. The movie is all about changing the way of teaching in the education system in present days. The film is an emotional journey of two teachers Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), who develop a special bonding with their students through their passion and love for teaching.

But the new chief (Arya Babbar) of the management makes the school more presentable to the rich, which triggers a conflict with Vidya and Jyoti. What happens next forms the crux of the story. Bollywood has churned out some movies on the theme of school and teachers, but the concept of "Chalk n Duster" is different from all of them, say the audience.

"Chalk n Duster" defies the current educational system, which has compromised ethics for money and the director executed this interesting theme in very convincing way. Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta and Aarya Babbar have delivered wonderful performances, which are the big attractions of the movie.

After watching it, some viewers shared their verdict on their Twitter accounts. We bring to you some unique comments. Here is the live update of "Chalk N Duster" movie review by audience.

Anup Soni ‏@Anupsonicp

Saw #ChalkNDuster,n imprtnt sbject, wrtn brilntly,dirctd senstivly wth sincer perfrmnc @AzmiShabana @iam_juhi @divyadutta25 @AaryaBabbar222 #ChalkNDuster a must wtch film fr all parnts n childrn,time to acknowldge our teachers

Safi Khan ‏@IamSafiKhanBoss

@paragchhapekar @divyadutta25 @AzmiShabana @iam_juhi So Romantic Darling Emotional and Real #ChalkNDUster Congratulations to All Artists★★★★

Malini Karani ‏@Malinikarani

@iam_juhi #ChalkNDuster interesting movie, brilliant acting..... lovely take home message. .. one does live in hope...

Parag Chhapekar ‏@paragchhapekar

What a sweet and enlighting film #ChalkNDuster @AzmiShabana @iam_juhi simplyy suparbbbbb @divyadutta25 hate u .ha ha ha

Shakti Pada Paul ‏@shaktipadapaul2

#ChalkNDuster more needed to infuse the need of education in the proper way....gr8 going "ChalknDuster"

Vinod Kumar Gangwar ‏@vinodvsheevin

Must watch #ChalkNDuster...very close to the truth...specially @PMOIndia @narendramodi @HRDMinistry @SmiritiIrani@CMOfficeUP @yadavakhilesh

IBNLive Movies ‏@IBNLiveMovies

Recess! So far, so good. First half sustains interest with a convincing story. #ChalkNDuster @iam_juhi lets you think about a very important issue - how can anyone forget their teachers? #ChalkNDuster @JayantGilatar has employed an effective and (at times) an over-dramatic storytelling to convey a hard hitting message. #ChalkNDuster

Denzil ‏@bollywoodpataka

ChalkNDusterMovieReview #ChalkNDuster #LiveReview #DivyaDutta a brilliant act as tyrannical principal End scene stretched beyond the realm of a very real film. The end a Slumdog Millionaire for teachers little far fetched but its filmy after all Go watch this film for your teachers. Many Q's asked many lessons 2 B learnt

RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9

#ChalkNDuster is a very interesting film. @chintskap in a special appearance is brilliant. Super performance by all actors.