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sandfox smartwatch, sandfox smartwatch price, smartwatch with ai, smartwatch to replace smartphoneFacebook/Sandfox Watch

We have seen several smartwatches come and go, but the upcoming Sandfox smartwatch is going to change the way we look at wearables entirely. Everything from its design to software and features is simply astonishing and the things that Sandfox is capable of will surely make other smartwatch makers envious.

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Well, at least it is good for the competition. Sandfox smartwatch will be launched at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 6, 2017. Mikevision Technologies, the makers of the smartwatch, have shared a brief video showcasing the smartwatch and explaining its features. If what's shown in the video is upheld, Sandfox smartwatch is going to be one of the hottest gadgets present at the upcoming tech show.

According to the company, the smartwatch is better described as the Swiss Army knife of smartwatches. Why? The features speak on its behalf. Let's take a look at what Sandfox smartwatch is capable of.

Firstly, the makers of the smartwatch are not shy from comparing its built-in AI (artificial intelligence) to Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now. In fact, the smartwatch's AI brain is said to be "smarter than Siri," which we are unable to independently verify until we get our hands on this interesting piece of hardware.

Sandfox's integrated AI has a name – Silvia – which is a feminine-sounding acronym for a computer program. Silvia learns from her interactions with humans and grows smarter and efficient with every voice command. The company has described the interesting capabilities of Silvia, which also learns natural speaking patterns based on your voice commands and track and learn from your behaviour to save time of repeated tasks, helping her become more "human".

While its AI is a major part of Sandfox, there are other impressive specs that will want you to ditch your smartphone instantly. Sandfox is based on Android Wear platform, has 16MB of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in GPS and a dual core processor.

Sandfox is also fulfilling your needs for selfies and video conferencing on the go with its 5MP camera for stills and video recording and a separate camera for Skype and Facebook video calls. There's an SOS button for emergencies, supports a SIM card and lets you project a PowerPoint presentation or video with a tiny pico projector. There's a 700mAh battery, which the company claims to last up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Mikevision Technologies has received great reviews for Sandfox.

"Finally, just what I've been waiting for - a piece of technology that's beautiful and can actually make life easier to manage, I no longer need two smart devices. I love the pico sales presentation tool as well. I can definitely use on the road," Virginia Fruh, a Sandfox reviewer, said about the watch.

We will reserve out judgements about the smartwatch until we get our hands on it. But the specs are certainly appealing and looks like Sandfox can certainly deliver and transform the ailing wearable industry.