With the beginning of a new year, expect a lot of changes in the tech world. The Consumer Electronic Show is going to be the first major electronics event of 2016 that will showcase the upcoming futuristic tech spread across a wide range of categories such as wearables, automobiles, TVs, IoT and much more. At the CES 2016, which runs from 6-9 January, electronics manufacturers will demonstrate the upcoming trends in the consumer technology for the year.

If the previous CES events are any indication, there will be a lot of products that will not make it past the show. At the very least, we get to look at some of the futuristic tech ideas.

At this year's CES, there are going to be a lot of new products in the usual categories, including TVs, automobile, wearables, virtual reality, drones and some surprising announcements. There will be some announcements made in the smartphone, tablet, laptop and camera categories but nothing worth stealing the show. Mobile World Congress is a more preferable choice for manufacturers to showcase their new devices.

Here's an outline of what we expect from CES 2016.


CES is the major platform for television manufacturers and a lot of TVs will take the stage next week. From brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and more will showcase their 4K capabilities or even beyond. Deeper integration with Internet of Things (IoT) is expected from major brands. Overall, TVs will be a major highlight of CES 2016, giving you even more reasons to upgrade to a new television set this year.


One of the major highlights of CES events have been cars. Once again, automobiles will take the center stage at CES 2016 event next week. After last year's self-driving technology at the CES event, autonomous cars will be the primary focus of the manufacturers. Additionally, there will be dozens of companies trying their hand at the autonomous tech for the first time and some manufacturers will unveil new electric cars.

General Motors is expected to launch its first affordable electric car, Chevy Bolt, at the CES next week. Ford and Google have reportedly been working on self-driving cars. BMW will demonstrate its AirTouch concept at the event, which lets drivers control everything inside a car with simple gestures. Companies like Mercedes, Volvo and Audi will dive deeper into autonomous technology.


After a significant boost to the wearables sector in 2015, CES 2016 will likely witness upgrades to smartwatches, fitness trackers and more. Apple's participation in the wearables race with Apple Watch brought tougher competition in the category. Expect deeper integration of wearables in the form of shoes, clothing and more. 2016 will certainly bring a new course of development in the wearables and CES 2016 will serve as an introductory platform.

Smartphones, tablets

Smartphone or tablet won't be the main highlight of the event. CES is usually about everything else except mobile devices but some companies will take up an opportunity to showcase their products before anyone else. Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a more suitable platform for new smartphone launches.

So if you are looking for some exciting smartphone releases, it's best to keep your hopes low. But you will not be entirely disappointed as Huawei will expand its Honor smartphone brand in the US by launching its high-end Mate 8 smartphone. The Chinese smartphone maker seems confident after its partnership with Google for Nexus 6P turned out to be a huge success.

Expect the unexpected

Some of the best things at the CES events are the ones undisclosed. Reserve your wild imaginations as some companies might just surprise you with the most innovative tech out there. Be it in cars, wearables, TVs, virtual reality or smart homes, stakes are extremely high on surprise launches.