Toshiba's Newest Robot Geisha
Toshiba's Newest Robot Geisha

With the CES 2015 bringing over the newest innovations to us, we aren't surprised if we see something that's a bit out of the ordinary. However, there's a fine line between outlandish and regular, but Toshiba's newest Robot Geisha is attempting to erase that line forever.

In case you don't know your history, the number of Geishas have declined since the early 1800s. Geishas are Japanese female entertainers who also act it out as hostesses. And riding on that, Toshiba is attempting to launch the new robotic form of the Geisha.

Called as ChihiraAico, this humanoid was unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. And similar to a Geisha, this robotic hostess called ChihiraAico has been designed to make conversation and sing. Reports claim that it could one day play classical music or look after people as well. Steven Spielberg, did you hear?

However, regardless of everything else, the Japanese firm told Mashable that it aims is to create "real heart-warming communication with human-like facial expression" with the company's new ultra realistic and 'suitably dressed for the occasion' android. The company also claims that its humanoid has the most realistic facial expressions compared to any android.

While we aren't total fans of humanoid hostesses, and would prefer a human partner any day, this new innovation absolutely soars past the level we maintain for weird stuff. And the scariest thing about it: The humanoid has been created to offer "effective communication" between humans and non-humans. Sure, it wouldn't have been that big a deal had we seen it some movie of soap, but this in real life. A real life robot that keeps looking at you (even when you sleep) and sings a song for you as well? Not in my wishlist, at least.

The ChihiraAico Android Geisha, in person, is nothing less than a character out of a horror movie. And so much so that it leaves a kind of a mark in your mind, but not in a good way. For starters, the Geisha lady has dead black eyes that are fittingly complimented with its pale, ghostly skin. And if that doesn't remind you of The Grudge, we don't know what will.

Apart from that, the robot moves jerkily and with the same kind of open-shut mouth actions that you usually get around in old automatons of the bygone era. However, it still has the Toshiba tag to it and that gives it all the branding it needs going forward. Although, the initial reactions to the new robot haven't been entirely flattering, and the company needs to take care of that.

Plus, we won't be surprised if that thing comes to life at night and demands that you "play" with it. Just joking!