House of marley unveils 2015 CES lineup
Get Together Blutooth Speaker from House of marleyHouse of marley

House of Marley has launched several new products to its personal audio and lifestyle lineup at ongoing International Consumer Electronics Show, 2015 in Las Vegas.

The new lineup of sound products includes the latest streaming technology, Qualcomm AllPlay smart media platform. The key product from this new lineup is One Foundation Sound system, which features a custom glazed oak wood baffle with magnetic speaker grills, 5.25-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters.

With enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, the One Foundation utilises AllPlay to stream music directly from the users' phone, tablet, local server or cloud to create synchronisation between all speakers, resulting in an effortless multi-room system to play the same song in all rooms or different tunes in various spaces.

In addition to the One Foundation House of Marley will debut the following new product lines at CES in 2015:

  • JOURNEY BT In-Ear Headphones – The Bluetooth ready headphone features a microphone, 3-button controller and an ergonomic design for wearing it all day round.
  • MYSTIC In-Ear Headphones – These headphones feature a 9mm driver with a compact and flexible design and is able to cater a powerful listening experience.
  • LITTLE BIRD In-Ear Headphones – HoM claims this product as an affordable solution for in-ear headphones. The headphone features a 9.2mm driver with a stylish design.
  • ROAR On-Ear Headphones – This on-ear headphone features a clean design with 40mm driver as well as in-line microphone with a 1-button controller. The HoM claims this headphone as a perfect solution for listening across all genres of music.
  • TRIBUTE Over-Ear Headphones – This headphone features balanced foldable design with snug leather ear cushions and DJ articulation. The incorporation of recyclable aluminium, genuine leather and other premium materials with 50mm drivers makes it worth a try.
  • LEGEND ANC Over-Ear Headphones – HoM's flagship over-ear LEGEND ANC is stylish, comfortable and features Active Noise Canceling technology. The headphone features high-definition 40mm drivers and high-end design.
  • CHANT MINI Speaker – The Bluetooth speaker features an aluminium design, decent audio quality and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • CHANT BT SPORT Speaker -- Featuring all the functionality and portability of the CHANT BT, but with sonic strength, the CHANT BT Sport works with any Bluetooth enabled devices and also through the auxiliary input. There is also double pairing feature with two units for true stereo sound. 2x4.5W, 1.75-inch and 2x passive radiators assure a maximum listening experience. The speaker also features a water-resistant design for outdoor use.