Healthy breakfast advises by nutritionist Rob Hobson
Healthy breakfast advises by nutritionist Rob HobsonReuters

Nutritionist Rob Hobson, who is based out of London has advised people to avoid bread-jam and cereal bars for breakfast as they are way too sugary. If not avoided, they should be consumed in limited amounts. Opting for eggs instead would be a healthier choice according to him.

Lately, U.S. lifestyle coach Dr. Daryl Gioffre said that having bananas for breakfast is not a wise choice. According to him, bananas contain 25 percent of natural sugar; they will keep us filled for some time and then leave us feeling lethargic, sleepy and hungry again.

But Hobson slammed the claims made by Gioffre. Hobson stated that it's completely fine to have bananas for the morning meal as the sugar present in the fruit is natural. "They all contain valuable health-giving nutrients including vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that protect us against disease," Hobson stated as per a Daily Mail report.

There are times we skip the most important meal of the day- breakfast or we eat anything available to us which may keep us full but lacks the necessary nutrients.

Hobson gave us some healthy options of his choice to choose from for breakfast:

  1. Poached eggs with bread stays the first best option according to him as it's a great source of protein, vitamin B and other nutrients.
  2. Porridge made using milk topped with fruits and nuts is another amazing meal to have in the morning according to Rob. It provides you with enough nutrients and energy to kick start your day.
  3. Wholegrain toast with avocado and chilli is another snack Rob suggests to have for breakfast. It's quite easy to prepare and provides you with the benefits of avocado as well as the fiber content present in the wholegrain toast.
  4. Smoked salmon along with boiled eggs and spinach is a nutrition-packed breakfast which keeps you going for the day. Salmon will provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, whereas eggs and spinach will provide you with the protein and iron supply respectively.