Tyler King

Tyler King is an entrepreneur, who ascribes to the idea of innovation and achieves what he dreams of. Founder of many companies, he has an extensive personal and professional background that completely changes the trajectory of his business dealings.

Tyler- A Believer and a Passionate Entrepreneur

He is currently chief executive at a consultancy firm Assuras which has become a global management consulting firm.

Even before he decided to become an entrepreneur, he knew that he had the skills to advise other entrepreneurs on solving complex problems and that his company would flourish under his leadership. Later, he brought on many hard-working individuals, who were talented and capable of solving incredibly challenging problems faced by companies across the globe. Not only this, he became famous for his speeches that have motivated many people. Today, he assists, talks resolves intricate issues, and creates an easy path for everyone who is going through a rough patch.

A Massive Downturn in Tyler's Life

He had no idea what was coming next to haunt him for his entire life. Few years into popularity, he had to face the most unsettling event of his existence when he had to confront the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The whole ordeal was a big blow to his life which took an unexpected U-turn, something he never ever thought of, even in his nightmares.

Soon after he launched his own mega-company, he was wrongly indicted for teaching one of his friend's computer skills, who hacked into her boss' emails. Unaware of what was cooking, he was taken aback when the FBI investigated him for something he had not done. Although, FBI later did discover that he wasn't the actual hacker, they decided to take him to trial because it was him who taught her those skills.

It came as an absolute shock to him but he stood firm to face all consequences. During the trial, she testified against him where he was convicted for a digital crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison whereas the main culprit was declared innocent for assistance to the government and served no prison time, he claims.

Tyler's Brain-Child Advocating Justice Reforms and Constitutional Rights

He allowed the possibility of success to propel him forward. The whole trauma gave birth to the formation of A Voice from Prison, his non-profit organization that advocates criminal justice reforms and constitutional rights. Through his experience, he could see the injustices taking place inside the walls of prison and decided to work for the less privileged.

Today, A Voice from Prison is a platform that helps people fight the broken system and also provides resources to those affected by the issue-ridden judicial structure. His fight for people who are discriminated against by the powerful tells a heartbreaking story.

He was still victimized, despite his accomplishments and the background from which he came. Now imagine the ordeal of a common man who suffers at the hands of power-hungry individuals; the one who has no representation at all. Through A Voice from Prison, he wants to change the system, challenge the status quo and create a safe haven for anyone who is incapable of battling the challenges.