Franky Diamond
Franky Diamond

Diamonds have always been associated with women and popularized as the ideal accessories to complete a woman's wardrobe. Though this may have been the case in the past, it no longer holds. While fashion has evolved in the last few decades, some wish to break age-old conventions and change the norms. Celebrity jeweler Franky Diamond has consistently emphasized on how diamonds have grown to become famous as accessories for men's fashion.

Franky is revolutionary when it comes to diamond settings also known as Franky's flushed setting and diamond-based accessories. The distinguishing factor is that the majority of his clients are men. His company, White Carat Co, has launched a plethora of diamond-based fashion accessories which have taken the market by storm. From diamond-studded luxury watches and exclusive finger rings to elaborate chains and studded crucifixes, Franky Diamond's creativity and innovation are abundantly manifested through his creations. Franky explains, "Though diamonds were once exclusively associated with women's fashion, I wanted to change people's perception, and that's what we have done. A majority of our clientele is men, and I'm glad that diamonds have now found their way into men's fashion as well!"

While Franky spends most of his time redefining the art of diamond setting and the hand selection process, he has always had a keen interest in philanthropy. To help take things to the next level, White Carat Co. partnered with the World Partnership Walk, a charitable organization that strives to help end global poverty. A small portion of each sale goes towards helping people in need, through several well-known charitable organizations.

Prior to becoming one of the biggest names in the diamond industry, Franky started out in the field of finance. He quickly realized that working full time in the corporate world was not what he wanted to do. Franky turned to his roots and learned all he could about jewelry from his father and grandfather who had honed their skills from India and Pakistan. He elaborates, "I am proud that I have continued my family's legacy in the realm of diamonds and jewelry. It's been an amazing journey, and we have reinvented the wheel by expanding our range for men."

Franky's vision for White Carat Co. was not to merely create a premium brand, but to create a lifestyle that has now made diamond jewelry a raging trend for men as well. As a man, whose actions speak louder than words, it is safe to say that Franky Diamond has proven beyond doubt that diamonds are indeed a man's best friend too.

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