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Two-time CCL champions Karnataka Bulldozers will be locking horns with Kerala Strikers in their second match on Sunday, 31 January, at Nehru Stadium, Kochi.

After convincingly beating Chennai Rhinos, Karnataka Bulldozers is brimming with confidence and they will be trying hard to defeat Kerala Strikers, thereby getting a step closer to the semi-final stage.

On the other end, Kerala Strikers will be putting their best efforts to register their first win this season. They had lost their opening match against Telugu Warriors. Moreover, the Mollywood team has the advantage of playing on their home ground.

The match will start at 7 pm and it will be aired on Surya TV and Udaya TV. Here we bring to you live score updates of the match:

Second Innings Live Update:

Kerala Strikers has kept their semi-final dreams alive by defeating Karnataka Bulldozers. Rajeev, Arjun and Mohan's batting contribution helped them to reach the target with ease. However, Karnataka Bulldozers gave away 30 extras, which played a major role in its defeat.

 Kerala Strikers Runs Balls
 B Kodiyeri lbw b Karthik   0
 Rajeev  run out (Sudeep)  38 32 
 Arjun  b Prasanna  43 33 
 V Gopan  b Prasanna  2
 M Mohan  not out  36 24 
 A Benny not out   19  15
 V Mohan      
S Nair      
Total: 168-4
Extras  30
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
J Karthik    3  9  28  1  9.33
 D Sharma 22  7.33 
 Pradeep 3.4  28  7.64 
 S Rao 17  8.50 
Prasanna  24  8.00 
H Rajeev  21  10.50 
Mahesh  6.00 
Prathap 1 0 19 0 19.00

Second Innings Live Upate:
The Mollywood team beats the Sandalwood team by 6 wickets with 8 balls to spare.
Kerala team seems to be comfortably heading towards victory line. They need 11 runs from 18 balls.
What an over it turned out to be for Kerala Strikers. They score 19 runs. The Mollywood team requires 19 runs from 24 balls.
Kerala Strikers are at 130/4. 38 runs required from 30 balls. 

40 runs required from 32 balls.
Benny and Mohan are in the crease. Score: 114-4 in 13 overs. 54 runs required from 42 balls.
The Mollywood team loses its fourth wicket. 102-4 in 12.4 overs. Set batsman Rajeev is out.
Kerala needs 67 runs from 46 balls.
After 12 overs, Kerala Strikers are at 100-3.
Kerala loses its third wicket. Vivek Gopan is gone for 2 (6). Score: 93/3.
After 10 overs, the Kerala team are at scored 83-2.
Rajeev is gone for 22 (21). 83/2 in 9.4 overs.
Kerala Strikers are at 78-1 in 9 overs.
After seven overs, Kerala Strikers are at 61-1. 107 runs required from 78 balls.
Nine runs come from ninth over. Score: 56-1 in 6 overs. Arjun: 31 (21), Pillai 13 (13).
Kerala Strikers score 47-1 in 5 overs. 121 requires from 90 balls.
12 runs comes from the fourth over. Score: 36-1. 132 required from 96 balls.
Nine runs come from third over. Score: 24-1. Nandakumar 8(8), Pillai 6(8).
After two overs, Kerala Strikers are at 15-1.
9 runs comes from the first over. Score: 9-1.
Kerala Strikers lose its first wicket. Kodiyeri is gone without opening his account.
Karnataka Bulldozers start off badly. Lots of wides in the first over.

The Sandalwood team has scored 167 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Pradeep and H Rajeev remain top contributors. Among the bowlers, it is Benny, who was impressive with his spells. He picked 3 wickets for 34 runs from 4 overs.

Karnataka Bulldozers  Runs Balls
Pradeep c Manikuttan b Benny 37 39
 Rahul  c M Mohan b Nandakumar  18  18
 D Sharma  c Pillai b Benny  6
 H Rajeev  b Benny  35  18
 J Karthik  c Pillai b M Mohan  18  13
 Prathap  run out (Benny)  12  7
 Sudeep not out  14   9
 Mahesh st Benny b Gopan   10  8
 Vishwas not out   7  3
S Rao      
Total: 167-7
Extras  12
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
Manikuttan   4  12  23  0  5.75
V Mohan  31  10.33 
A Nandakumar  7.00 
S Nair  8.00 
A Benny  34  8.50 
Rehman  11  11.00 
M Mohan  24   8.00
V Gopan 3 4 26 1 8.67

Karnataka Bulldozers squad:Karnataka Bulldozers end their innings at 167-7 in 20 overs.
15 runs come from 19th over. Score: 159/6. One more over to go.
By the end of 18th over, Karnataka Bulldozers are at 144-6.
One more wicket is gone. Prathap goes for 12 (7) Score: 135-6.
Karthik is out for 18 (13). Score: 123-5 in 16.2 overs.
The Karnataka team scores 9 runs from 16th over. Score: 119-4.
KB Score: 110-4 in 15 overs. The Karnataka team should at least score 50 runs from the next five overs to reach a respectable total.
The Mollywood team picks one more wicket. H Rajeev goes for 35 (18). 103/4.
The Karnataka team should accelerate its run rate. Score: 103/3 in 14 overs.
The Sandalwood team scores 11 runs from 13th over. Score: 98/3 in 13 overs.
Karthik is the new man into the crease.
Karnataka loses its 3rd wicket in the form of Pradeep: 37 (39). Score: 90/3. 12.3 overs.
After 12 overs, Karnataka Bulldozers have scored 88-2. Rajeev 24 (11), Pradeep 36 (37)
14 runs come from that over. Score: 83-2 in 11 overs.
The Sandalwood team scores 69 for the loss of 2 wickets in 10 overs.
Dhruva gone for 4(6). Score: 55-2
After 7 overs, the Sandalwood team have scored 47 runs for the loss of 1 wicket.
Dhruv Sharma is the new man into the crease. 43-1 in 6 overs.
Karnataka loses its first wicket. Rahul gone for 18. 39-1.
11 runs come from that over. 35-0 in 5 overs. Pradeep 13 (14), Rahul 18 (16)
Pradeep hits a six! 14 runs come from 4th over. 24/0.
After three overs, the Sandalwood team has scored 10/0.
The Kannada team score two runs in second over.
The Sandalwood team scores 3 runs in 1st over.
Pradeep and Rahul open the innings. Manikuttan will do the first over.
Karnataka Bulldozers' captain Sudeep has won the toss and decided to bat first.

Sudeep, Darshan, Rajeev, Tharun Chandra, Tarun Sudhir, Dhruv, Vishwas, Pradeep, Rahul, Chetan, Dharma, Sunil Rao, Jayram Karthik, Abhimanyu, Mahesh, Rajesh and Mayur Patel.

Kerala Strikers:
Mohan Lal, Asif Ali, Unni Mukundan, Rajeev Pillai, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Manikuttan, Arjun Nandakumar, Manty, Vinu Mohan, Suresh Nair, Prajodh Kalabavan and Riyaz Khan.