Rail worker risks life to save 'drunk' cyclist
Rail worker risks life to save 'drunk' cyclistYouTube Screenshot

A railway staff's heroic attempt to rescue a cyclist in an inebriated condition from being hit by a train has become the hot topic of discussion on social media, after the CCTV footage of the incident surfaced online. Though we are not sure when and where it happened or if it's real, netizens claim that it's believed to be in the UK.

The video shows a cyclist struggling to cross a railway track. He is seen throwing his bike off the track and taking his belongings without knowing about the approaching train. Noticing it, one of the railway staff pushes the man out of the track, risking his own life, just moments before the train's arrival. Soon, other workers come to inspect both men to know if they are hurt. One of them is even seen beating the cyclist.

It is understood that the Mirror obtained the 52-second video from a source in the railway industry to make the risky attempt of the employee, whose identity is not revealed as of now, popular. The worker, who has risked his life to save a man, has been garnering appreciation from people all over the world on social media. "He should be awarded with the highest prize in the world. he did not live for himself. he didn't care about his life. extraordinary man. the saviour [sic]," a social media user wrote.

However, a few netizens are of the opinion that it could be a fake video. "Fake, why there is a cam in this point (spot)? [sic], claims one. "The train looks stupid fake but i can tell this is real by the way the trees leaves started moving when the train came [sic]," writes another.

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April Masi

It's real. Watch the trees as the train passes. They move as the train goes by

LeVinci White

Why is a camera out in the woods like that though?

Louie Macias

Naa, this is faker than Bruce Jenner's tits. You can tell the train was edited in by the quality of the train and the shadows of it in the front.

Alex Kowalczyk

Fake! This was staged perfectly for the stationary cameras. Y'all really think this was real?

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