Chunchu Nair

Even though India is a land with a rich tradition, the caste system still prevails in many nooks and corners of the nation. However, until now, animals had no religion or castes in India, but a recent obituary reveals that pets also fall in the caste bracket.

As we all know, dealing with the loss of a beloved pet is never easy, it recently made a family to post an obituary in memory of their beloved cat on its first death anniversary. The family posted the obituary in a newspaper with the title 'Chunchu Nair. Molutty, we badly miss you'. It should be noted that Nair is an upper-class caste in Kerala, and the family members, most probably from this community had decided to give their caste-tail to the pet too.

In Malayalam, Molutty is a lovable way of referring to a young girl child. In this context, the word Molutty means, lovable young daughter.

The image of the obituary soon went viral online, and it received mixed reactions from social media users. Even though some of the users mourned the death of 'Chunchu Nair', most of the people criticised the family for giving the caste-tail to a pet.

Chunchu Nair
Chunchu Nair

Some social media users sarcastically claimed that Chunchu Nair is undoubtedly the first pet in the world to have a caste and her name will be written in golden letters.

Some other social media users argued that this pet might be from Perunna, the place where NSS (Nair Service Society) is headquartered. NSS was founded by Mannathu Padmanabhan and this organization is created for the social advancement and welfare of the Nair community.