The Common Admission Test results were sent via SMS to students on Friday, earlier than the scheduled date of 12 January, as a technical glitch on the official website led to some students being able to access the results.

While rumours were rife that the results had been leaked, IIM-A, which was in-charge of conducting the test, refuted these reports and explained that a technical glitch allowed some CAT result seekers to access the results while the site was being updated. 

"It was some minor glitch that happened on Friday. Students could see their results from source code by putting (downloading) 142 pages (of results),'' Professor Tathagat Bandyopadhyay, convener of CAT-2015 and professor at IIM-A, told The Times of India.

"Only a few of them could see their result. It was later blocked by TCS. There was no hacking. There was a technical glitch which went on for 40 minutes," he added.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) also issued a statement that it was not a leak.

Many students tried to access the results since the news of it being accessible spread, but most of them were not able to. TCS had blocked the login option on the website and later at 6.30 pm the results were sent to aspirants via SMSs to prevent heavy traffic on the website.

Nearly two lakh students took the management school eligibility test in 2015.