'Castle' will continue to show the onscreen chemistry between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett in season 8.Facebook/Castle

After much speculations on Kate Beckett's exit from the popular ABC series "Castle", actress Stana Katic has confirmed her return.

Earlier, several speculations suggested that season 7 marked the end of Stana's journey with the show as there was no official confirmation on her contract renewal.

Later on, when creators Andrew W Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller stated that it "would be a huge betrayal" to end up Castle-Kate romance, rumours started doing the rounds that the actress will appear in a guest role.

But, recently, the Canadian actress informed her fans about the renewal of contract with the cable network through Twitter. "I'm so pleased to announce that, after talking with our new show runners, Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley (both of whom I've had the pleasure of working with on the show before) I'm excited about the future plans for Beckett and delighted to be returning for a season 8 of 'Castle", she tweeted.

The tweet immediately captured the attention of many of her followers and they shared their excitement on the comments section. The fan messages ranged from, "I love you so much thank you!!!!!!" "Yes yes yes yes !! Ys yes !! Im so happy yesss!!!" to "this is the most exciting thing I have read all day!"

Meanwhile, co-show-runner Hawley revealed that the Castle-Kate romance will be at the centre of the show. "I'm thrilled not to have to come up with a show that doesn't include Stana. That's a high-wire act," he told TV Line.

However, Hawley denied sharing any information about "Castle" season 8, as he said, "It's very, very early days. At this point, we haven't even sat down and talked about it yet, Fundamentally, Beckett and Castle's relationship has room to have movement in it. So for me — and I can't speak for Terence — we're just excited to go in there and see what the future holds," adding, "ABC just really wants to tell good stories. And I think there's still a lot of great stories to be told."

In the meantime, several spoilers have indicated that the upcoming season of ABC crime drama will address Richard Castle's disappearance mystery.