Canadian actress Stana Katic has teased that Kate Beckett may not appear in the premiere episode of "Castle" season 8 and viewers might just see her onscreen partner Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) with the rest of the cast.

While wishing good luck to her co-stars for their first day's shooting on Twitter, the 37-year-old stated that she will be joining them soon.

"To all of my #Castle friends: have a GREAT 1st day back tomorrow! I miss you & will see you soon. I can't wait to tell great stories together," wrote the celeb.

This is not the first time speculations on Katic's appearance in the premiere episode of the upcoming sequel have been doing the rounds.

Earlier, there was a buzz that the character will not be appearing in the first episode of the sequel, but TV Line claimed that it was just a rumour. So it remains to be seen whether the celeb will make an appearance in the premiere or not.

In the meantime, Molly Quinn, who plays Alexis Castle, stated that the new showrunners -- Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley – "have put the show on steroids".

"I feel like today has been 48 hours long. #CastleSeason8 on the verge. :) See y'all on the flip side," she added.

According to actress Susan Sullivan, who portrays Richard's mother Martha Rodgers in the series, lot of surprises and romantic scenes awaiting viewers in the eighth season of the show.

"Dear Twitter chums...Just read the first script!! And I am can't wait for you all to jump into this Castle season....surprises, magic, love," she tweeted.

Meanwhile, "The Walking Dead" actor Sunkrish Bala will be joining the cast of the ABC series as "a high-strung tech analyst with a complicated past," stated Entertainment Weekly.

ABC will premiere "Castle" season 8 on Monday, 21 September.