"Castle" season 8 officially went on its mid-season break after airing episode 8, titled "Mr & Mrs Castle", on 23 November. ABC's series is now expected to return with episode 9 only next year, on 1 February, 2016.

Various reports have given fans a sneak-peek into what to expect when the season premieres after its winter break. Many have suggested that the Castle season 8 episode 9 will see Kate and Rick solving the murder of a capella group member and will have to put up an act of separation in the returning episode.

But what came as a crazy rumour is that Kate will be pregnant when the show returns. Several reports said that with Kate-Rick reunion, the pregnancy plot should be the next obvious thing that would be included in the storyline. But showrunners Hawley and Winter have ruled out the possibility by saying that Kate is not getting pregnant anytime soon.

In an interview, the co-showrunners did admit that they were contemplating on including the pregnancy storyline, but then changed their mind as they thought it didn't quite add to the plot. They said that it was very challenging to think about what would happen to Kate's character if she gets pregnant. But at the same time, they haven't ruled out the possibility. "It's not off the table, but there's nothing planned for anytime soon," he said.

Meanwhile, it has been also reported that episode 9, titled "Tone Death", will feature "High School Musical" alum Corbin Bleu as the guest star. The episode will show Rick-Kate solving a murder case in the world of competitive acapella. And the "High School Musical" alum will play Hunter Washington, the leader of a rival acapella group.

"Castle" Season 8 is on a mid-season break and will return with on 1 February, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.