Richard Castle's (Nathan Fillion) efforts to win back Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) may show some result in the fourth episode of "Castle" Season 8, titled "What Lies Beneath".

The official synopsis of the sequel reads: "When the mystery novelist's idol, a famously reclusive author, turns up dead, he is determined to solve his hero's murder. But as he and Beckett dig deeper, they discover that truth is stranger than fiction."

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While the crime drama is yet to convince many of its followers with its new plot twist, cast member Nathan Fillion said that new showrunners, Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley, are trying to restore the dynamics of the show.

"One of the things that Terence and Alexi are really big on, and I agree, is they don't consider 'Castle' to be a drama. It's never been much of a drama; it's far more a comedy with dramatic and heartfelt moments. And they wanted to bring it back to a time when it was funny, when it was great, when it was the lighthearted show that everybody fell in love with," TV Line quoted him as saying.

However, the actor revealed that even he was surprised to read the script of Season 8 and asked the creators "if they were high". But they assured him that "they wanted to get back to a time when people were rooting for the couple, rooting for them to get together, to do something".

So the fans, who are disappointed with the new diversion in the crime drama, can expect some interesting developments in the storyline in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, they can tune in to ABC to watch "Castle" Season 8 Episode 4, titled "What Lies Beneath", which will be telecast at 10 p.m. on Monday, 12 October.