As the premiere episode of "Castle" season 8 featured less romance and more action, the viewers assumed that the show would lie low for a while. But, they could be proved wrong with the ABC crime drama's second episode, titled "XX".

The new showrunners, Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley, may have failed to impress the fans with the dark side of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett's (Stana Katic) obsession in episode 1, titled "XY", but they are planning to change the pace of the show with the upcoming sequel that will amp up the curiosity of the viewers with new twists and turns.

The creators have already hinted that they are preparing a lighter episode for the followers of the show. "We can have episodes that are very gritty and raw and then the next week, we can tell something that's fun and frothy and delightful," Entertainment Weekly quoted Winter as saying.

In the same vein, Hawley said, "There will be conflict, there will be tears, there will be laughs and there will be everything in order to really do justice to this as a three-dimensional relationship."

However, "Castle" fans will have to wait until Monday, 28 September, to find out if the show can hold its own records with the new season. Currently, the viewers are upset with the new changes and they have expressed their disappointment on various social networking sites.

Here are some of the fan reactions:

Nancy Gauchey

So disappointed in tonight's premiere show. You will probably delete this post but here goes: It is way too early in the season to have a 2 part show. While I love Caste's daughter get real this is too big a stretch for any pd to allow her to participate in such a way as she did tonight.

Melissa Love

Not impressed. Very disappointing premiere. All the secrecy has gone too far. The chasing/searching is too much, the story played out. Move on writers! It also seems as though each character has to be the spot light.

Tracy Westwater

I'm sorry but tonight's Castle was one of the weakest episodes ever. If this is the new direction of the show - I will be highly disappointed. The dialogue was so weak and so much of the show was unbelievable based on the characters and their relationships.

Kathy Luckenbach

I'm a little disappointed with this story. I don't like Ryan and espo without Beckett. And where is gram? Who was that Hayley with all that airtime? Hope it gets better.

William Taylor

I don't like the new chick, she'll never fit in, not interesting and a B.S. Character as the stunts she pulls would get her kicked out of the country and her attitude and personality is the type that neither Castle or Becket would ever tolerate.