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"Castle" Season 8 is finally picking up pace. While Rick and Kate's relationship seems to have almost got back on track, now the show will focus on the angle of exploring Rick's memory loss and highlight what exactly happened when he went missing for eight weeks.

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In Episode 13, we saw how Rick suffered from writer's block and convinced Kate to let him help with the case that involved the murder of zoo caretaker and ESL student. Castle went undercover and posed as a student to get more information. But, at the end of "And Justice For All," both Beckett and Castle ended up in a life-threatening situation, only to be rescued by Hayley, who literally saved them from being killed.

In episode 14, we will see Rick being recruited by the Greatest Detective Society (GDS) to help them solve a murder. The synopsis of the episode teases that Rick heads to Los Angeles with Alexis and Hayley in order to seek some new information about his eight-week missing period. But there he is approached by GDS. 

As fans may already know that Rick Castle had previously gone missing for almost eight weeks and when he returned, he had no memory of what had happened to him during his abduction.

Now, the promo of "The G.D.S" shows Rick checking into a hotel where he gets a note from GDS and how he should join them at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to help them in investigating a murder.

Clearly, Rick is not in LA to help the GDS, but obliges them. It seems too much of a coincidence, leaving us to speculate if the GDS has any information or if they were involved in Rick's abduction.

The plot synopsis of "The G.D.S" (via reads: "Castle returns to Los Angeles in search of info about the missing time related to his abduction, and while he's there, the Greatest Detective Society reaches out to him and asks for his assistance in solving a murder."

"Castle" Season 8 Episode 14 will be aired Monday, March 7 at 10 p.m. on ABC.