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"Castle" Season 8 continues to show how Rick and Kate fight life-threatening situations to solve crucial cases, while rekindling their relationship. While in Episode 12, "The Blame Game", aired Feb. 22, the couple solved the murder of an investigative journalist, in Episode 13, airing Feb. 29, they will mess up a big case.

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In Episode 12, we saw Castle and Beckett were abducted while probing the murder of an investigative journalist. The couple is placed in separate rooms with strangers and forced to play the captor's mind games. But, by the end of "The Blame Game", the two are finally rescued by Esposito, Ryan, Alexis and Hayley.

In Episode 13, we will see Rick going undercover to solve the murder of a student who was learning English. The synopsis teases that when the victim's classmates refuse to talk about the incident, Kate convinces Rick to go undercover and act as a French Canadian who recently moved to New York City and is in need of a language course.

But the promo of "And Justice For All" shows that after solving the murder case, Rick-Kate have actually got themselves into something much bigger. The clip shows an agent telling the two they have messed up a rather serious case and the student's murder is actually part of something really big.

And the most spine-chilling thing the promo video reveals is a woman pointing a gun at Rick and pulling the trigger. Will Rick be shot dead in the upcoming episode? We will have to wait and watch.

The plot synopsis of Episode 13, "And Justice For All," (via reads: "A student learning to speak English is killed and his classmates keep mum when questioned by the police, so Castle goes undercover to gain info on the victim by enrolling in the class as a French-Canadian immigrant."

"Castle" Season 8 Episode 13 will be aired Monday, Feb. 29, at 10 p.m. on ABC.