'Castle' fans can watch an aggressive Richard Castle on the coming episode of season 7 titled 'Reckoning'.Facebook/Castle

The makers of "Castle" season 7 will stun the viewers of ABC on Monday, 16 February, with its upcoming episode titled "Reckoning", which will be telecast at 10pm. 

After the abduction of Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), probably by serial killers Jerry Tyson aka The Triple Killer, or "3XK" (Michael Mosley) and Dr Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching), in episode 14 titled "Resurrection", Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is rigorously in search of his lady love.

In episode 15, the protagonist will even reach up to Tyson to find out where his wife is, but the serial killer will tell him that he is Michael Boudreau and not the person whom he thinks he is. However, the detective is not ready to believe him and repeatedly asks him about Beckett by pointing a gun at him.

Although it is not clear whether Richard will kill 3XK or not, a spoiler released by Entertainment Weekly stated that he may end up in jail because of his aggressive nature.

Meanwhile, a 20-second-long sneak peek video of "Castle" season 7 indicates that the former author will go through a lot of emotional situations while will try out many ways to get ahead of the kidnappers.

The fans of ABC crime drama will also get to watch a reunion of the two main characters in episode 15 titled "Reckoning".

Watch the Monday night's episode of "Castle" season 7 at 10pm to find out how Richard saves Beckett from the kidnappers. The show will be live streamed here.