'Castle' fans explain the reason behind Richard Castle's disappearance for two months.Facebook/Castle

ABC crime drama "Castle" will explain one of the most mysterious plot-lines of season 7 ― the disappearance of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) ― in episode 20.

Although the cable network has not yet revealed the title and official synopsis of the sequel, executive producer David Amann and cast member Seamus Dever revealed that viewers will get to know more about the storyline in the 20th episode of the series.

"We'll revisit it in Episode 20. It's an episode that's going to deal, to a large degree, with Castle's missing time from the beginning of the season," Amann told

In a similar vein, Dever said, "There is, of course, the one that everyone has been hanging on, waiting for, since the beginning of this season — "What happened to Castle? Where did he go for those three months?" That's going to be exciting to get back into [in Episode 20]," according to TV Line.

Meanwhile, they also teased that the episode will just "offer a little bit of finality" and "some clarity on what exactly happened to him," but viewers "may not get the entire story".

In the mean time, there are reports that the sequel is titled "Sleeper" and is scheduled for telecast on Monday, 13 April, at 10pm, according to an entertainment website named SIMKL.

However, a section of "Castle" fans are not ready to wait for two weeks and have come up with their own theories about Richard's disappearance mystery. If the theories are to be believed, then the protagonist killed tech savvy Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan) and went missing for two months to program himself.

Here are the interesting fan theories on the detective's disappearance:

  • Programmed and waiting for some big party or event where he will mix with and then kill some important person. Those two missing months were to program him. The money drop was likely a dry run to test out their control.
  • Maybe Castle had to kill someone and he blocked this trauma from his mind.
  • Isn't that why tech savvy Tori was added to the show? She's a sleeper, planted by 3XK.