There used to be a time when cartoon series like "Tom & Jerry," "Mickey Mouse," and "Looney Tunes" used to dominate the animated universe on televisions. Those were the days when animated shows were synchronous to children's most favourite pastime.

However, in recent years, the animation sector is no more restricted to the realms of kids; it has expanded to meet the interests of a much mature audience. 

There are several animated shows that have been targeted at an adult audience, though not necessarily restricted to any specific audience's community. It seems that Netflix has also observed the phenomena and keeping up with the trend, has started to stream several cartoon series that are meant for grown-ups.

Here is a list of all such shows currently streaming on Netflix that might interest the taste of adults:

"BoJack Horseman"

BoJack was the most beloved and popular sitcom horse of the '90s who used to star in the immensely hit television show "Horsin' Around." However, fate took an unexpected turn for him and today, he is a washed-up celebrity who lives in Hollywood and rants about everything while roaming around in colourful sweaters.

"F is for Family"

It is the story of the Murphy family back in 1970s, when kids used to roam in the neighbourhood freely, men used to drink beer after work peacefully, and life was much simpler. The main attraction of the series is the father in the family, Frank Murphy, who has anger issues and has short temperament.

"Rick and Morty"

The series follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez; a super crazy and alcoholic scientist and his somewhat dimwitted grandson, Morty Smith. The story explores the journey of the duo as more than often, Morty accompanies his grandfather reluctantly, which makes the show absolutely hilarious.


Sterling Archer is the world's deadliest spy who has only one ambition in life – spying. In this hilarious take on classic spy and detective stories, Archer and his co-workers sabotage each other's missions just for fun. The show covers several aspects of society such as drug dealing and stealth investigation.

"Happy Tree Friends"

The show features cute little creatures who keep killing themselves doing stupid things. This is unarguably one of the weirdest and freakiest animated shows of all times. Nevertheless, the series has garnered a fandom of its own.