Grammy award winner Carlos Santana became a victim of death hoax on Tuesday after rumours spread like wildfire on social media that he died at the age of 68.

A CBC reporter also tweeted citing a source that "Family member found Carlos Santana deceased in his car last night" but it turned out to be false, as the rock icon is very much alive. The reporter later apologised on Twitter for sharing the wrong information.

"I unreservedly apologize for previous tweets regarding Carlos Santana. Wrong to rely on single source, and against CBC policy besides," wrote Chris Walker of CBC on his Twitter handle.

Team Santana confirmed on Facebook and Twitter that "Carlos is alive and well and enjoying his morning! Thank you all for your concern, but the reports of his passing are false." 

The "Smooth" guitarist is currently doing a residency at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Carlos Santana has joined this year's long list of death hoax victims like John Cena, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, James Earl Jones, Willie Nelson, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gene Hackman and several others.