Shahab Shapourifar
Shahab Shapourifar

Although people love preparing and arranging for things when it comes to either their own events or the occasions of others, they still opt for professionals who put in their best foot forward to make their events a memorable one. From the past few years, event management companies have rapidly seen a surge in their businesses where clients from all over the world have preferred to take their services to make their events unique and Avante-Garde. One such leading event management company that swears to provide the best of services to its clients worldwide is Shahab Shapourifar's "Shah Entertainment" from South Eastern Mexico.

The company is known for carrying the best events all around the world with years of expertise & also for spreading smiles by making their client's events their own, providing exceptional services, mixing both art and technology. Keeping up with the changing trends of the industry, they have always chosen the unconventional ways of serving their clients. They first know the needs and requirements of their clients and come up with modern solutions that satisfy their desires & at the same time, offer them something different. Shah Entertainment is top-notch with its sourcing abilities and bringing together a plethora of talent on stage with various renowned national and international pop artists. It is the number 1 company in Cancun that plans and coordinates the technical aspects of an event and market them effortlessly. The name and fame this company has garnered over the last decade in Mexico can be attributed to the tireless efforts of Mr. Shahab Shapourifar.

Mr. Shapourifar has been a renowned name of the music industry, who now serves as the founder, owner, and CEO of Shah Entertainment. Born in Iran and brought up in Canada, he always stood by his philosophy of "MUSIC IS OUR PASSION". His love and passion for music since his growing years helped him achieve paramount success in the music industry when he moved to Cancun in 2003 and turned him into a professional music producer. Through networking, he started to host his own parties and became known as the King of Spring Break. For about 14 years, Shah hosted over 350 spring break parties across hotels, nightclubs, and other spring break destinations.

Shah Entertainment, today, is also the no.1 booking agency of south-eastern Mexico known for working with famous artists and entertainers worldwide including Jon Bon Jovi, Lil Jon, Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Martin Garrix, Snoop Dogg, The Chainsmokers, Marshmelllo, Lil Pump, Avicii, Kim Kardashian, and many other elite names.

Scouting artists, managing performers, coordinating large scale events & looking after marketing and PR campaigns, there is nothing Shah Entertainment can't do. It is spread across Canada and the US apart from Mexico and is looking forward to scaling it to other countries soon.

They are known as the numero uno of the industry for their years of expertise in business & the trust they have attained from clients.