"Captain America: Civil War" recently released its official trailer. And since then, plot rumours and story speculations haven't stopped flooding the web. The latest comes from YouTube channel That Hashtag Show, which claims that a Marvel's production source has revealed that the film will feature two prominent deaths and one of them will be of none other than Captain America aka Steve Rogers'.

Earlier this year, a series of leaked photos, video, teasers and trailers have hinted that in the opening scene of "Captain America: Civil War", Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter will be seen attending a funeral. It has been commonly speculated that it will be the funeral of Peggy Carter, who had exhibited symptoms of Alzheimer's in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

However, the YouTube channel has spilled out a major spoiler by claiming that the second death in "Captain America: Civil War", which is expected to shake up the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be of Captain America himself. Yes, you heard it right. This latest rumours strongly speculates the death of Steve Rogers and the end of one of the biggest superheros' era.

The channel states that according to an unnamed source from Marvel, "Civil War" will end with the funeral scene of Steve Rogers aka Captain America, who will lose the Civil War at the end of the movie and surrender himself to the government in exchange for the freedom of his allies.

"During the film, Steve will make a deal with the government, stating that they are not to hunt down the people that allied with him in the Civil War. After Steve surrenders and is taken into custody, he is killed. Cap's death is left a little ambiguous as to whether this was all planned out or not," the channel explained.

As shocking as this may sound, the channel also revealed that this may not be the end of Captain America as there are scenes that show Sharon, Winter Soldier and Falcon picking up Cap's shield.

This rumour sounds believable because a couple of months ago Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige, while at an LA event to promote "Avengers: Age of Ultron" release on Blu-ray, also hinted that "Civil War" will be the final act of the Captain America trilogy.

"It's very much, in a certain way, the completion of a Captain America trilogy. I think one day you'll look back and watch — "Captain America: The First Avenger", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", and "Captain America: Civil War" — and it'll be one of the most unique and different trilogies ever around a single character," Feige said when asked about the superheros' future "Avengers" movies.

Now, whether Captain America will die or not, we will know only when "Captain America: Civil War" hits screens on 6 May, 2016, in the US and on 29 April, 2016, in the UK.