Captain America Chris Evans
Chris Evans in Facebook/ Captain America

"Captain America: Civil War" is the next big superhero movie that fans have been waiting for with bated breath. And it looks like the entire team, including the cast members, are on a roll to promote this Marvel film. Just a couple of weeks away from its release, the studio has released a new clip during the recently held MTV Music Awards.

In the new trailer, fans get a good look at Team Cap in action. The promo starts off with Captain America, Falcon and Scarlet Witch taking down a group of soldiers in military garbs. It's a small video of just about one-and-a-half minute, but it's pretty action-packed.

Meanwhile, Variety reported that the cast and creators of the film too have been actively attending press conferences, and two of them were held on Sunday.

At one of the events, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, said that no one can copy Marvel, and that there is no reason for the studio to slow down, reported Variety.

"I say, let's keep going, let's let the wave get bigger and bigger. It's not like they're making bad movies, they're making great movies and if you want to put them in this superhero box you can but they're good movies," Evans reportedly said.

But, the comment that has got fans thinking whether Evans was throwing a bit of shade at the DC universe was when he said, "Marvel's got a monopoly on it, they're doing it and no one else can try and copy it."

Now, fans are wondering if Evans indirectly meant to say that DC copied Marvel with "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The website also spoke about another press conference, which was attended by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, and director Anthony Russo, where the two men reportedly spoke about the ensemble of actors and what efforts that went into adding substance to the film.

"I've said it before, and it's only getting more and more accurate as cast members keep joining, there has never been an ensemble like this in cinematic history. We had to break up into two panels today because everyone is a headline," Feige said.

To this Russo added: "We wanted to bring in characters that didn't have the same emotional investment that "The Avengers" had; bringing in characters like Spider-Man and Ant-Man, who don't have that baggage, allowed us to bring new color to the film."

"Captain America: Civil War" will hit the theatres April 29, 2016, in the UK and May 6 in India and the U.S.