It certainly is a great time for comic book fans to be alive, and while 2015 fed us some amazing superhero movies, it looks like 2016 may do one better, considering what the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC canons have scheduled for this year. "Captain America: Civil War" in which we will see the new Avengers joining the old ones, will release on 5 May, 2016, and after months of speculation, we finally have an update on who will fight whom in the upcoming film.

We were also aware that Marvel is revamping "Spider-Man" with yet another trilogy, and this time we will meet the dangling superhero when he is in his teens. Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will debut in the "Civil War" movie, although he is yet to make an appearance in any of the teasers, trailers or posters.

It is understood that the new Spider-Man is going to grow with every instalment in the MCU, and viewers are going to get a more personal story of Peter Parker than they have ever seen. Considering that Spider-Man is the kid among the Avengers, Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) might have to grow up a little bit to let him do a little bit of the wise-cracking in future.

Given his age, Peter Parker may not be a part of the "Civil War", although he might get to meet them as a star-struck kid — a larger version of the moment when Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) met War Machine (Anthony Mackie). He will definitely be a part of the "Infinity War" movie, which, rumours suggest, will bring the whole Marvel Universe together.

Meanwhile, a new poster for "Captain America: Civil War" has been released by Marvel, and it clearly shows which Avenger is on whose team. Here is the list of heroes fighting each other.

Team Captain America Team Iron Man 
Winter Soldier Black Panther
Ant-Man Black Widow
Scarlett Witch Vision
Falcon War Machine

The one Avenger that is not really fighting anyone in the poster is Hawkeye, who is just drawing his arrow towards a blank space. It is not clear which team he is fighting for, but it is safe to assume he is on the same side as Black Widow, fighting for Team Iron Man. The blank space has left many fans wondering if Spider-Man is indeed fighting in the war.