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"Captain America: Civil War," which is set to release on May 6, is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. While most comic book fans will not think twice about watching "Captain America: Civil War" in theatres, it doesn't hurt to know if the latest instalment of Marvel Cinematic Universe will repeat the mistake of its DC counterpart "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Unfortunately for the American fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Captain America: Civil War" will arrive at the US after almost all the other countries see it. In fact, here is the list of all the countries that have an earlier release date for "Captain America: Civil War" than that in the US:

April 27: Belgium, Colombia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Luxembourg, Philippines, Sweden, Vietnam, South Africa

April 28: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Islrael, Cambodia, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Thailan, Taiwan

April 29: Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, UK, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Norway

May 4: Italy

May 5: Azerbijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine

Meanwhile, Canada, China, India, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Turkey share the release date for "Captain America: Civil War" with the US on May 6. 

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This means the US fans will have to be extra careful over the next couple of weeks to avoid spoilers for the Marvel film. Fear not, we have compiled a few spoiler-free reviews of "Captain America: Civil War" to ensure that it is a movie worth watching:

  • Clarifying your very first question before heading to a "Captain America: Civil War" screening, the Telegraph says that the Marvel film will "wash that bad taste out of your mouth for superhero blockbusters after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice." At this point, it is all that will take to pull anyone who enjoys superhero films to the theatres. Furthermore, the Telegraph guarantees that it will be even better than Marvel's own "Avengers: Age of Ultron," which spelt catastrophe for a few critics and fans.
  • Keeping with the general trend of positive feedback, Uproxx said "Captain America: Civil War" is a pinnacle for Marvel, adding that movies cannot get any better. "This feels like the movie this series has been building towards for eight years. After all these movies, Marvel earned this fight. This is the best Marvel movie so far. This is not hyperbole. I have my doubts they can make anything better. This is as close as things come to 'superhero movie perfection,'" is the concluding note from Uproxx's movie review.
  • Forbes has predicted that "Captain America: Civil War" will rake in somewhere close to $220 million at the box office in the opening weekend and has the potential to cross the coveted $2 billion mark in the final worldwide collection. The writer has also called it a "pure superhero movie" adding that Marvel will elevate Superhero genre's fortunes to a whole new level.
  • Extremely impressed with the latest installation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, USA Today calls "Captain America: Civil War" the most epic "Avengers" movie ever, even if it is not technically an "Avengers" movie. USA Today also seems to be in agreement with Forbes in that it is an apologetic superhero film and declares it to be "the best superhero battle put to film yet."
  • Unapologetic superhero film seems to be common denominator that critics have to say about "Captain America: Civil War." It is also what seems to have impressed them. Variety, for example, says, "Not every globe-trotting action movie is self-critical enough to acknowledge the many lives that are presumably lost when buildings blow up and cars flip over... Whatever apocalyptic associations its title may generate, 'Captain America: Civil War' turns out to be an infinitely smarter piece of multiplex mythmaking.. And the sides-taking showdown between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, far from numbing the viewer with still more callous acts of destruction, is likely to leave you admiring its creativity."