"Captain America: Civil War" the highly-anticipated Marvel film is set to hit the theatres only in 2016, but the makers have already released the first trailer for the Marvel's first Phase Three movie. And as expected, it has triggered speculations about the plot.

After a series of leaked trailers, the first trailer of "Captain America: Civil War" was officially released last week and it created a huge buzz among Avengers fans as it showcased the reunion of Captain America (Chris Evans) and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

But one of the most interesting things to be noted in the trailer was how the Winter Soldier starts getting flashbacks of his childhood with Steve Rogers. So, we guess it's safe to assume that the film will definitely throw some light of Winter Soldier's origin story as well.

In fact, while doing a press interview for "The Martian", Sebastian Stan himself confirmed that the film will delve deep into the character's life and explore his background.

"Where we find him after Winter Soldier, he's in a place where he is learning about himself. And he's discovering — as you saw in the last scene of The Winter Soldier, at the museum — he's starting to put the pieces together, starting to learn about the past. Where he's been. What he's done. And as you'll see in the next movie, it doesn't come without a huge price: emotionally, mentally and uh... Yeah, it's not easy for him learn about what he's done," he said.

The last movie showed Hydra erasing Bucky's memories of his childhood friend Steve Rogers. But, at the end of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" it was seen that his memory has finally started coming back to him as he is freed from Hydra's mind control.

Stan also threw some light on Bucky-Hydra relationship. "You gotta remember it is the same Hydra in a sense that is responsible for him still being alive. And what happened before the movie Winter Soldier — and there will be a lot of things sort of made more clear in Civil War about what happened with him — kind of setup this relationship that that he may always have with Hydra, one way or another. Because in a way they are like his second family. If that makes sense," he added.

Well, now whether Winter Soldier and Captain America reconcile or not, we will know only when "Captain America: Civil War" hits theatres on 6 May, 2016, in the US and on 29 April, 2016, in the UK.