'Captain America: Civil War' is one of the biggest comic adaptations coming from the world of Marvel. While Marvel Comics' 'Civil War' had an impactful storyline which changed the entire outlook of the superhero universe, the movie isn't reportedly going to be on the same lines.

'Civil War' is one of the most loved Marvel comic book series, but according to the latest revelations, 'Captain America: Civil War' may just end up shaking comic book fan's faith.

In the comic book series as we all know, the reason behind the actual civil war was Superhero Registration Act where the government wants all the superheroes to sign in with them, revealing their identities and fighting under their control. And this leads to a conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, with Steve Rogers disagreeing to sign up with the government.

But interestingly, the movie 'Captain America: Civil War' has not used the Registration Act as the plot of the film, reported Birth.Movies.Death. So then, what's the actual story?

According to the report, there is no Registration Act, but instead there's something called the Sokovia Accords, a global move to govern the superheroes. Though the plot is similar to that of the comic in some sense, the film is more about superhero supervision and responsibility in the broader sense and not about unmasking and secret identities, the report further stated.

The report further explained that unlike in the comics, none of the big screen superheroes (except Spider-Man and Daredevil) in Marvel Cinematic Universe have a secret identity. So, by saying this, the report has hinted that the entire movie cannot be about heroes with secret identities. Captain America and Iron Man will not have a face-off for the sake of saving identities of just two superheroes.

So, the divide between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, according to the report, boils down to a quote, "Who watches the watchmen?" The government questions superheroes as to who should be held responsible for civilian casualties and destruction caused from a battle involving The Avengers. This is the point where Captain America and Iron Man may have to fight to prove why they are right in their own positions.

Well, this theory does make sense, but will it actually form the plot of the film? We will know only when 'Captain America: Civil War' is released on 6 May, 2016, in the US and on 29 April, 2016, in the UK.