"Captain America: Civil War" has been in the news ever since the Spider-Man cameo has been confirmed. Be it for costume or for the role he may play in the film, speculations revolving around Spider-Man have been numerous.

Now, we already know that Tom Holland has already finished shooting for the webslinger's appearance in "Civil War" and reports based on "Spectacular Spider-Man" writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein's interview have suggested that it will be a cameo.

However, Devin Faraci from Birth Movies Death has pointed out otherwise. He has interestingly highlighted that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will have a cameo, but the masked Spider-Man's role will be an extended one.

The writer has backed his theory by saying that to play a superhero in the mask, you don't need big stars coming to the sets every day.

"It's important here to know that Tom Holland shooting his bit isn't the same as Spider-Man shooting his bit. Spider-Man has been on that set for a while, played by stunt men. All you need Tom Holland for is any Peter Parker scenes where the mask is off, but every other scene happens without him. He can come into a local recording studio and loop Spidey's dialogue at any point between now and release," the writer said.

And based on this, the writer has concluded that Spider-Man's role in "Captain America: Civil War" will be more than just a cameo.

"Sources have recently made it clear to me that there's more Spider-Man in this movie than I expected. Spider-Man doesn't just swing by and say hi - gets his hands dirty in this Civil War. He fights. And his fight scene might be the one that really gets fandom excited - not because of how top tier the face-off will be, but because of how profoundly dorky and unlike any other big screen superhero fight it will be," he added.

Well, how true this theory proves to be, will be known only when "Captain America: Civil War" releases on 6 May, 2016, in the US and on 29 April, 2016, in the UK.