"Captain America: Civil War" is all about the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man over superhuman registration. While the movie divides the superheros into two camps, there are already reports about who will join Team Roger and who will fight for Team Iron Man. The latest reports suggest that Captain America will re-team with an unexpected ally.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Captain America will get some backing from his oldest friend and he is expected to team up and re-unite with none other than Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier. Apparently, Bucky regains his memories and teams up with his best friend Steve Roger in his fight against Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Though the website doesn't reveal too much about the fight, it speculates that it will be the fight of the ages.

While reasoning out as to why this could be one of the biggest fights ever, the report further states that Captain America and Winter Soldier are both chemically enhanced superheros, and Iron Man on the other hand, has the Bleeding Edge Armor, which makes him stronger than the Hulk and enhances his intelligence to superhuman levels.

The report said that Cap and Bucky will have to put a very strong fight to bring Iron Man down. And the reporter is betting his money on Iron Man winning the face-off.

Well, whether the speculation turns out the way it is, we will know only when Captain America: Civil War releases on 6, May, 2016, in the US and on 29, April, 2016, in the UK.