"Captain America: Civil War" fans, especially in Manila, have something exciting to look forward to. The latest reports suggest that a brand new trailer of the Marvel movie will be shown exclusively at the AsiaPop Comicon Manila.

Rita Magnus, general manager of Universe Events and Entertainment, the group responsible for organising the convention, said that never-seen scenes from "Captain America: Civil War" will be shown in this new trailer, reported CNN Philippines.

"What we're doing is an exclusive screening of never-seen scenes from Captain America: Civil War and we'll have Paul Bettany with a panel after that... so it kind of encompasses the new Marvel movie," Magnus said.

The report further stated that the organisers, along with MCU, have decided to debut the new trailer at the Manila ComiCon because Filipinos are huge Marvel fans. 

"This is the reason why we made the decision to come to Manila and have Bettany tag along," Magnus added.

Magnus reportedly confirmed that the trailer will be shown for the first time in Asia-Pacific and further explained why they got Bettany on board.

"I have been researching. I did a whole research with regards to Manila so we know about the passion and the crazy fans you have here. This is definitely for the first time in Asia-Pacific," said Magnus.

"We wanted to bring somebody from the cast of Avengers, someone big in the Marvel'sCivil War movie... and The Vision (played by Bettany) is a really big character," she added.

Finally, fans don't have to get their fix from "Captain America: Civil War" leaked trailers anymore. Those in Asia can look forward to the launch of the new trailer at the AsiaPop ComicCon Manila to be held in Philippines between 17 and 20 September. Others can wait till until the next announcement or for the release of "Captain America: Civil War" on 6 May, 2016.