There is nothing better than watching our favourite superheroes engage in a fight. And if "Captain America: Civil War" promises to let us have our jollies, we cannot complain.

Admittedly, fans of Marvel Universe wait with bated breath for May 6, 2016, the release date for the newest film from the comic franchise. And amid the high anticipation that surrounds "Captain America: Civil War", plot rumours, speculations and leaked images from the movie abound.

Here is the latest news: Spider Man's web shooters will be made by Stark Technology.

We reported earlier that Tom Holland's character--Spider Man--will wear a suit made by Tony Stark aka Iron Man. In the film, Peter Parker's spidey suit will be depicted in shades of blue and red--the iconic hues that symbolise Spider Man for any superhero fan.

The latest rumour about Spider Man revolves around his web shooters. It is predicted that Tom Holland's character will not have web shooters in his first encounter with Avengers, as his suit is tailored with homemade materials. 

However, Tony Stark will revamp Peter Parker's get up with glamorous additions from Stark Technology. After all, he belongs to Team Iron Man in the film.

Fans of the movie can expect to see Tom Holland dish out his web shooters later on in the film. Spidey's quintessential aggressive move--dislodging his web shooters--will be mechanical in nature, according to Latino Review.

"Captain America: Civil War" releases in theatres on May 6, 2016.