Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War

If Marvel is in a mood to recreate Captain America: Civil War the way it was portrayed in the comics, we are set for a memorable ride. For, Civil War has been one of those Marvel stories that fans have been demanding to be shown on the big screen for long.

The good news is that the movie is indeed happening, finally. In fact, it's actually shaping up to be one of Marvel's biggest releases to date, with a cast that's definitely larger than any other Marvel movies of the past.

While the movie will be based on its official comic book, there's a lot more to the movie than meets the eye. 

Captain America: Civil War – Things to Know

What's the War About?

  • As far as the synopsis is concerned, Captain America: Civil War will show how the government decided to install a sort of committee to decide when to recruit the services of the super heroes following yet another international incident involving the Avengers.
  • Bits and pieces of it link to the Battle of New York and the incidents in Sokovia, with a strong belief that the Avengers should be kept under strict surveillance to avoid any such incident.
  • According to rumours, Crossbones is responsible for masterminding the disaster. However, the heroes are blamed for whatever happens. The movie will present Baron Zemo as its main villain with reports claiming he was the one who sent Crossbones to carry out the massacre.

Ant-Man Cometh – But He Isn't Really an Ant

  • It was a major surprise when Marvel Studios announced Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man for the cast of Civil War. But surprises aside, it seems Rudd won't have that major a role in the movie, although it would still be one to remember.
  • According to rumours surrounding the movie, it seems instead of shrinking, Ant-Man will actually grow. In fact, it's being said that he will grow 20 to 30ft tall while battling against Iron Man's forces that support registration.

Spider-Man's Appearance is Just a Cameo

  • This is where Spider-Man finally joins the Marvel crew. While there were some doubts whether Spidey would indeed join the crew, all those doubts have been put to rest, thanks to the commercial and critical disappointment that was The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Sure, Spidey leaves a mark after joining the characters in the comic book, but expect nothing of that sort from the movie. In fact, Tom Holland will be shooting in Atlanta for only a week for the role and it will probably be a cameo appearance.

Fight Night: Captain America Vs Crossbones

  • The Captain and Crossbones will lock horns in Civil War in a battle that will take place probably in Africa, with the Captain joined by The Falcon and Black Widow.
  • In the comic book, it is Crossbones who assassinates Captain America once the war is over, so it's better to keep an eye out on him on how his character develops in the movie.

Are We Expecting a Red Hulk?

  • Marvel wants to develop Hulk's character further, although the company seems confused on how to approach it. According to Joss Whedon, previously, Avengers: Age Of Ultron was originally supposed to end with The Hulk's Quinjet blasting into outer space.
  • Now, it has already been stated that The Hulk won't have that big an impact in Civil War, but there is a slight possibility of a Red Hulk showing up. However, not much is known about Hulk's so-called transformation and we need to see how that works out.

Iron Man has a Score to Settle Against Winter Soldier

  • While the war will rage on following the Superhuman Registration Act, which will see Iron Man and Captain America get at each other's throats, it seems things will be frisked and complicated by the Winter Soldier "Bucky".
  • Bucky has been responsible for the death of Tony Stark's parents and it's obvious that Iron Man hasn't forgotten about it. He will look to seek justice. On the other hand, Captain America just wants Bucky to come out if his evil haze and be a normal human once more.

The Secrets are Out in the Open

  • One of the reasons why the Superhuman Registration Act created a rift between the heroes was mainly due to the fact that not many of them were willing to reveal their true identities (the comic book says so). The rift is understandable as no one wants his family or loved ones to be harmed. 
  • None of the characters in the Marvel universe actually have a secret identity, but it still remains to be seen what kind of "secrets" exist the superheroes don't want to be revealed. After all we know their faces anyway, don't we?

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