Putting an end to the inter-continental hunt, German cops reportedly arrested cannibal killer suspect Luka Magnotta on Monday at an internet café.

Following a tip-off, the 29-year-old Canadian, who is accused of killing and eating his male partner, was arrested at around 2 pm local time while he was googling internet news about himself at a café in Berlin.

According to The Sun magazine, Luka Magnotta offered no resistance and admitted that he was the wanted man when the German police asked: "Are you the wanted man?"

"As far as I know he was arrested alone, and there was no struggle. Somebody recognised him and called the police. He is being brought to one of our prisons where he will be held until all the international questions can be answered," The Sun quoted spokesman Stefan Rieldich as saying.

A worker at the 24-hour Helin Tele and Internet café gave tip-off to the police.

"I immediately clicked it was this guy in all the papers. I ran into the street and tried to hail a passing police car. The driver of the first car said, 'Not interested'. Then I stopped another and they took me more seriously. The man was totally calm when he was arrested," the Sun quoted 42-year-old Kadir Anlayisli as saying.

The police have been hunting for Luka Magnotta, who is at large after allegedly chopping up his Chinese friend and eating his body parts. A man's headless torso was also found outside his flat.

A home video is thought to show Luka Magnotta killing a pal with an ice pick, cutting him up, sexually assaulting him and eating bits with a knife and fork, reported The Sun. He also mailed chopped body parts of the victim to the offices of two political parties in Canada.

The police had identified the victim as Magnotta's gay lover Lin Jun, a Chinese student. The 33-year-old Lin Jun went missing on May 24 and missing report was filed on May 29.

Luka Magnotta fled Canada on Saturday after his alleged brutal act surfaced.

It may be recalled that on May 26, a 31-year-old man, identified as Rudy Eugene, was shot dead after he was caught chewing the face of a homeless man in Miami. Nicknamed as "Zombie", the deceased was naked when the police shot him while chewing the face of another naked man. The victim is battling of the wounds in the hospital.

In another horrifying incident, a 21-year-old student from Maryland, named Alexander Kinyua, allegedly confessed to murdering and eating the heart and brain of his housemate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.