Psy Gangnam Style
South Korean popstar Psy performs his iconic Gangnam Style dance. (Credit Reuters)

In what appeared to be well-carried out act, a Psy look-alike duped the media and celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 as he kept posing as the super hit singer.

It was only when Psy tweeted: "seems like there's another ME at cannes...say Hi to him" on 23 May that people found out they were duped.

Celebrities like Naomi Harris of "Skyfall" fame and Adrien Body were believed to have been duped by the fraud look-alike.

Harris went on to even post a picture of hers and the fraud together with the caption, "Me and Psy at the Chopard party in Cannes! Xx."

"It looks as if we've been fooled, that wasn't the real @psy_oppa! Could anyone else tell from the picture? Or am I just going crazy!? Haha!" Harris later tweeted.

It was after Scooter Braun posted a pic with the imposter that Psy clarified that the person was a fraud.

"He sent it to me, and I tweeted that, like, five, six hours ago, so everybody in France, they know. Real Psy is here," said Psy to Reuters from Singapore.

The fake Psy is said to have carried the dupic act well, putting on the acclaimed singer's trademark round glasses and absurd suits.

The New York Post quoted a source at the torch Beach club as saying, "He had three security standing with him at all times, surrounding the table in suits and earpieces... Scamming free drinks and bottle service, including bottles of Cristal Rose."

Meanwhile, one of the event organizers at Cannes confirmed the fraud in an email, "We've been duped. I had a conversation with his label and it wasn't him, just a lookalike... "

The imposter managed to attend parties at Carlton hotel the VIP room, at Martinez beach and also made his way to the secret party by millionaire Goga Ashkenazi at Le Baron.

Psy is globally popular for his record breaking video, "Gangnam Style" with its equally ludicrous dance moves.