King's Candy Crush Saga Game Finally Comes To Windows Phone After Two Years
Candy Crush Saga Game Gets Support For Windows Phone Smartphones, Phew!

Developer King's puzzle video game, Candy Crush Saga has had a popular run for some time now. The game was released originally on Facebook on 12 April 2012 and later on iPhone and Android devices.

The game gets periodic updates that translated to new episodes. As of June 2014, the game had 605 levels on Facebook, comprising 40 episodes of 15 levels each. Lets us take a look at some of the tips and tricks that can be used to beat the hard levels:

1. Extra Lives: Players will have to manually change the time on their cell phone devices to get extra lives. Also, players do not have to spend money for it. Go to Settings> Date and Time and set it two hours ahead.

2. Reset the Board: When players get a new board, watch it closely, and decide. If you feel that the board will not help, then it can reset the board, provided no moves have been made. Tap to the main menu and then go back to the game in order to reset

3. Special Candies: Players can use special candies that are comparatively better than the basic ones. Special candy types in the game include wrapped candies, color bombs and striped candies.

4. Super Combos: Note that combining a special candy will produce a special candy combo that will produce a different effect, helping in quicker progress through the levels.

5. Don't Fall for Suggested Moves: Players must not always go to the suggested moves (when the candies glow). It must be as a means of last resort.

6. Start from Below: Always make it a point to start crushing the candies from below as this will help with the cascading effect leading to some free moves.

7. Make use of +5 Candy: Make a candy crush chain using a +5 candy that will give you five more seconds for the time trial in a level.

8. Plan Your Moves: As soon as a new level starts, players must stop to look at the candies and plan their moves. Also breaks can be taken in between the activity.

9. Keep the Chocolate in Control: Players must see that they keep the chocolate in control by eating a little one round each. If you do not do it, then it regenerates the next round.

10. Open Many Tabs: For players playing on the desktop, if the game is stuck in a level for a long time, they have to open several tabs (as much as the browser can handle). These tabs must be of the same level that has been stuck. If you lose in one, close it and move to the next. But this cheat does not work for timed levels.

11. Remove Blockers: Players have to remove the blockers initially in order to match the candies that are near the blocked squares.

12. Get Striped Candies: Players have to aim for getting striped candies if many moves are left since it will allow them to gain 3,000 points per striped candy.

Source: The Fuse Joplin