Poster of 'To Noora With Love'
Poster of 'To Noora With Love' which features cancer survivor Mamta Mohandas.FB-'To Noora With Love'

Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas, who was treated for cancer relapse in April 2013 is gradually making her way back to the film industry. She is now part of an upcoming movie titled "To Noora With Love."

The 29-year-old actress cum playback singer speaks about the experiences she had in the past one year as she battled cancer. "Well, I can't say I have been as strong as I was when I first got the disease. I was a person who never worried about anything, whatever the issue. But for the first time in life, I was scared. It is easy to say, be positive. But this time, I felt it is ok to be scared, to be human," Mamta told The Times Of India.

Although Mamta was weak, she said that she was mentally prepared to do a film. She felt that work was the best way to break away from unnecessary thoughts. Mamta also mentioned that she feels just like old times on the sets of "To Noora With Love."

"To Noora With Love," a romantic movie which features Mamta as an Astronomy student, is a female centric film. The movie is a simple love story which is portrayed in a new light. She plays the role of a muslim girl in this film and is therefore seen covered in a veil. The actress feels that this attire was perfect for her as she has gained weight due to lack of exercise in her recovery phase. 

Mamta doesn't want to push herself too much. At the moment, she wants to be free from all her fears to lead a happy life. She spoke about the changes that cancer has brought in her life. "It has made me very much grounded, though at times I feel I've grown up too fast. Maybe I should lighten up and open myself to nicer things. But I did that once, and in excitement, jumped into things too fast. I can't afford to make such mistakes anymore. I'd rather stay grounded. But I'm a fighter, and know that whatever happens, I will come out of it all, eventually. Not with a vengeance, but with calm," Mamta told TOI. 

(Edited by Anu James)