Shortly after expressing concern about the ongoing farmers' protest against the agricultural laws in India, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed his support despite mounting diplomatic tensions between the two countries. In a fresh statement, responding to a question, Trudeau said that Canada would always stand up for the right of peaceful protest and human rights.

"Canada will always stand up for the right of peaceful protest anywhere around the world. We are pleased to see moves towards de-escalation and dialogue," Trudeau was quoted as saying.

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Mounting diplomatic tensions

Trudeau had earlier commented on the farmers' protest in India, saying: "I would be remiss if I didn't start also by recognizing the news coming out of India about the protest by farmers. The situation is concerning, and we're all very worried about family and friends." Other Cabinet members and Members of Canadian Parliament echoed Trudeau's sentiment on the matter.

But these remarks by the Canadian Prime Minister and other political leaders did not go down well with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which was quick to call them "unacceptable interference in India's internal affairs."

armers continue to protest against the Central Government's Farm Laws at Delhi-Haryana's Tikri border, on Nov 28, 2020. (Photo: IANS)
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MEA went on to say that the remarks of Canada PM Trudeau would seriously damage the ties between the two countries, adding that the it has triggered unrest outside its embassies in Canada.

"These comments have encouraged gatherings of extremist activities in front of our High Commission and Consulates in Canada that raise issues of safety and security. We expect the Canadian Government to ensure the fullest security of Indian diplomatic personnel and its political leaders to refrain from pronouncements that legitimize extremist activism," the MEA said.