In an incident that brings shame to the nation, two Indian-origin men were seen slapping and hitting the head of Mahatma Gandhi's statue in a video that was shot in Winnipeg city of Manitoba province in Canada.

While the two shamelessly continued their antics, a third man filmed the entire incident. 

Standing on either sides of the statue, the two men held the ears and while one slapped the face, the Sikh man took off his shoe and hit the statue's head. The other man too joined him in the act and hit the head while posing for the camera. All three of them can be heard laughing throughout the act.

One of the two men in the video is Sikh, who can also be seen holding a tricolour – the Indian national flag – in one hand. While one is said to be a South Indian, the other one is from Punjab.

The incident took place on 15 August when India celebrated its 69th Independence Day. The video was later posted on Facebook by the men, according to reports.