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Google Chrome, one of the fastest browsers available today, is making its way into Apple's two famous brands - iPad and iPhone.

Apple, which provides support for its own browser Safari, now has a competitor which can provide faster service in terms of browsing and many other functions.

Google is going all guns blazing by introducing Nexus 7 tablet on the first day of I/0 event followed by Chrome support in Apple devices on the second.

As Chrome is targeted for mobile device browsing, it provides synchronization of tabs web history and passwords similar to desktop version. It will act as a third party browser as default web browser will remain as Safari which is a built-in browser for iPad and iPhone.

According to stats information revealed by Google, there are more than 310 million people using Chrome browser today. Developers can easily build voice recognition into their Chrome apps allowing users to give commands to their apps without touching touchscreens or typing.

The new move from Google will help the search engine giant gain even more with the inclusion of Chrome in Apple, as built-in Google search engine into iOS devices has improved the advertising revenue for Google.

The competitive edge of Google is clearly beyond Apple as the introduction of mobile browser rightly coincides with Yahoo's release of a browser called Axis for iPhone and iPad just one month back.

Apart from these announcements, the search giant announced that the Docs word processor is ready for offline use. The promotion of Google Drive, a cloud storage and sharing system for iPad and iPhone along with Google's Apps suite improvements for business users is surely a head start to tackle Apple and Microsoft respectively.