Camper gets Injured While Sleepwalking, falls 60 feet down a cliff
An Ohio man fell 60 feet off a cliff as he sleepwalked away from the camp-site (Representational Image)Reuters

An Ohio man, who went for camping in Central Kentucky's Red River Gorge, fell 60 feet off a cliff as he sleepwalked away from the campsite, according to the rescuers.

"The campers who were with him found him at the bottom of a 60-foot cliff. The individual has a history of sleepwalking. So camping on a cliff ledge, that's probably what led to this incident," John May, Wolfe County rope technician, told WDKY TV.

"He fell approximately 60 feet, landed in an area that was littered with large boulders," the report further said. 

Powell County Emergency Management has not yet revealed the camper's name who got seriously injured last week. He was reportedly camping with friends on a cliff near Grey's Arch Trail. Around 1:30 am his friends discovered that the man was missing and they called for help, according to New York Daily News.

The camper was rescued and pulled up to safety after four hours by Wolfe County rescue team. As the edges of the cliff were rough, dark and foggy, it was difficult for the rescuers to pull the man out safely.

Surprisingly, the man survived even after falling 60 feet down with a head injury, a dislocated shoulder and a fractured leg. "It's really a miracle. He fell 60 feet into boulders and from what we've been told he should make a full recovery. It's quite remarkable," May said, Huffington Post reported.