Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes may be the new power couple of Hollywood. The two are currently on a self-quarantine in the former's Miami home and are often spotted on a morning stroll walking hand in hand.

In their most recent outing on a morning walk, the 'SeƱorita' singers sparked concerns among fans. The couple was seen walking extremely slow.

It seemed almost unreal but the two singers were indulging in what looked like a meditative walk. Their eyes were closed and they were taking very slow and small steps.

Camilla wore easy breezy clothes. She chose a bell-bottomed pair of printed cotton pants and a spaghetti-strapped blouse. She teamed it with flat sandals and a loose front open cardigan casually thrown over a shoulder. Shawn also kept things simple in white shorts and a vest.

The couple also stopped to embrace each other in a passionate embrace and kiss in the middle of their walk before returning back to their stroll.

While the singers who have previously collaborated on the work front, seem to be quite in love, fans could not help but notice something was way off in their way of walking.

Some fans also took to Twitter to share the video with interesting captions. One of them posted, "harry and ron returning to the castle after spending the night in the forbidden forest attacked by spiders."

While another one commented on a video on Instagram, "are they on a death march"

Fans even speculated that the two could be high. A comment poured in saying, "They are most definitely high, I mean he's holding his heart at the beginning and it looks like their eyes are closed?"

It is hard to say whether the couple was in meditation or trying to cure a bad hangover, but their sightings have sure been fun for fans rooting for the couple.