The video shows a man disappear into thin air/YouTube
The video shows a man disappear into thin air/YouTubeYoutube

A video glitch in a street camera sparked rumours that the man, who seems to have disappeared into thin air right before camera, may have been in possession of an invisibility cloak or may have been abducted by aliens. 

The video that appeared on YouTube shows moments before a man seemingly disappears or rather walks into thin air. The 47 second clip starts with the man walking down a dimly lit street in the US town of Jackson, Wyoming.

The unknown man is seen striding past a sign for the Rocky Mountain Bank, but soon his form begins to fade and just like that he vanishes into thin air.

While the man seems to be fading, two bizarre white spots replace the man's form and soon that too disappears just like the man.

The video raked up several speculations with some viewers believing that it was some sort of an "invisibility cloak." However, few of them went a step further and believed that the man was being abducted by aliens.

It is also being speculated that the man could have been a time traveller or maybe the ghost of man killed in a road accident.

Dispelling the rumours and fake theories, a viewer Andrew Macau commented, "It is not extra terrestrial nor it is a fake video, it is a real video. But the street camera seems to have a glitch with its MotionJPEG that caused the illusion."


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