Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Ghosts patch 1.03 goes live.Facebook

A new patch, 1.03 that makes improvements to various aspects of Infinity Ward's PlayStation 3 version of FPS video game, Call of Duty: Ghosts has reportedly gone live.

Though the studio has not yet released the Changelog for the game, the patch size is said to be around 172MB, Gamepur reported. It also said that the patch improves the visuals unlocks in the game, adds fixes to Search and Destroy and has added the ability to mute individual players or to mute everyone in the lobby.

Reports also suggest that the patch has added lot of fixes for the Operations. "The Operations page is now showing total kills required, instead of showing certain level requirements, and in private match, you can add 6 rounds in SnD, and make the timer 1.5 minutes per round... The 'devgru intimidator' operation has also been increased from 150 to 300," reported Charlie INTEL.

Twitter user @_Primey0 said that a PC patch of about 199MB was also released. The user said that Operations have been changed and players have to spend squad points to unlock certain operations. Fixes were made to IW where players were unable to change the person in Search and Rescue.

A patch for Xbox 360 has also been reportedly released. The game is said to have made $1 billion in retail sales since its release.

Did they Copy Modern Warfare 3 Map?

Meanwhile, some fans have claimed that the Strikezone multiplayer map's layout was lifted from the multiplayer map layout of Modern Warfare 3's Dome.

When Strikezone map is rotated, it looks very similar to the layout of Dome in Modern Warfare 3. Check out the video for proof.

(YouTube Courtesy: X2XP)