Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Ghosts was released on 15 November.Google+

Call of Duty: Ghosts from developers Infinity Ward has faced numerous problems like the lack of innovation, various errors and more.

But the game has a near fanatical following, despite the fact that Ghosts is unlike its predecessors. If players have to get the 'Audiophile' trophy, they will have to search all parts of the game for the hidden Rorke files.

Players will find hidden intelligence at various places in the game when in a campaign, these intel pieces, that have audio, offer insight into the happening in the game and on the antagonist of the game, Gabriel Rorke. Each mission has one file.  

The game was released on 15 November for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 version was released on 15 November and Xbox One version on 22 November. This is the tenth installment of the Call of Duty series.

GamesRadar has lessened the burden of the gamers and gives the locations of all the 18 Rorke files in the game.

Rorke File #1 - 'Ghost Stories'

After leaving the starting location, turn right. Follow the sidewalk and make a second right into an open house on the other side of the car. Hesh will call out "through that house." The Rorke file will be sitting on the wooden floor, next to the window - right side

Rorke File #2 - 'Brave New World'

During the Father-son cut scene, players enter a command center. The Rorke file is located on a workbench opposite a bank of monitors, with a ferris wheel visible through the adjacent doorway.

Rorke File #3 - 'No Man's Land'

Upon reaching the ODIN crash site, players will be notified of incoming hostiles. Enter the small gray trailer building on the left hand side. The Rorke file is placed on a computer desk, underneath a set of CCTV monitors.

Rorke File #4 - 'Struck Down'

During the darkness and red flares sequence, breach the double doors and sweep the locker room for enemies. The Rorke file should be located in one of the team's wooden lockers - left-hand side.

Rorke File #5 - 'Homecoming'

The first building entered houses a staircase, go to the left of this staircase until you spot a set of sandbags. Pick up the Rorke file from the top of these sandbags. If you've reached the beach assault/ machine gun sequence, you've gone too far.

Rorke File #6 - 'Legends Never Die'

Following the flood scene, pursue Rorke, using the knife to take out any enemies encountered. After crossing the makeshift bridge, head around the corner, into an office room complete with enemies. Take out the soldiers, before nabbing the Rorke file on the right hand side - the laptop should be the only one illuminated by the Sun.

Rorke File #7 - 'Federation Day'

After zip lining your way across to the adjacent building and cutting through the glass, head left, around the corner. The next room on the left - that's the one featuring a large, twisting steel pipe - houses the Rorke file, propped up on the edge of a desk.

Rorke File #8 - 'Birds of Prey'

Upon breaching the final door, the squad begins a conversation with Rorke himself. The laptop is located on a desk just behind him. Exit through the window to complete the level.

Rorke File #9 - 'The Hunted'

Once you've located the downed aircraft, be on the lookout for a small waterfall to the left. The Rorke file is located just under the vines, in the center of the valley. If you've re-united with your squad already, you've gone too far.

Rorke Rorke File #10 - 'Clockwork'

During the first night vision sequence, Hesh will begin conducting scanning tests. Follow the small set of stairs to the office space. The Rorke file should be located on a computer desk therein, between a PC monitor and landline phone.

Rorke File #11 - 'Atlas Falls'

After breaching the control room for the pressure regulators, a squad mate will begin attacking the Foreman. Turn right into a small office area, where the Rorke file is located on top of two filing cabinets.

Rorke File #12 - 'Into the Deep'

Take out the large ship with the rocket, before escaping the scene. After losing your air tube, Keegan will notify you of enemy divers in the vicinity. The Rorke file should appear to the right of your path, seated at the foot of a large rock.

Rorke File #13 - 'End of the Line'

Enter the pressure-lock doorway and follow the white hall. Upon reaching the missile bay, look for a stairwell and descend. The Rorke file is sitting on a desk, adjacent to some Perspex glass, with a walkway and a red signal flaring above it.

Rorke File #14 - 'Sin City'

Follow the two sets of escalators down to the gate. After the squad has lifted the obstruction, crawl underneath and turn left to view a number of vases, next to a sloping window. The Rorke file is sitting on a wooden desk, adjacent to the brown sofas.

Rorke File #15 - 'All or Nothing'

Upon starting the level, immediately turn right and approach the illuminated lower bunk. The Rorke file is located on the bed therein.

Rorke File #16 - 'Severed Ties'

After launching the missile, set off down the left-hand staircase after Hesh. Once you've passed through the doors at the base of this stairwell, Hesh will remind you that your mission isn't over, take an immediate right and enter the open office on the left. The Rorke file is sitting on a sloping, electronic desk to the left.

Rorke File #17 - 'Loki'

Make your way to the space station entrance, and view the chaotic cutscene. When you regain control, a large bronze-colored solar panel will be located to your left. Before entering the circular opening below, head to the center-left of this panel, where the Rorke file will be floating freely in space

Rorke ile #18 - 'The Ghost Killer'

During the beginning of the mission - when Hesh is commenting on Icarus gaining control of the rods - look out for a red mechanic's toolbox. The Rorke file should be sat on top of this box, adjacent to one of the Jeep's wheels and a stack of wooden boxes.