It has been understood that an embargo of Microsoft has prohibited journalists from revealing that the upcoming FPS (first person shooter) game titles Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, will run on 720p (at 60fps) on Microsoft Xbox One, unlike the 1080p (60fps) version on Sony PlayStation 4.

The news reportedly came from a former IGN journalist Jeremy Conrad, who has also confirmed that other upcoming games, such as FIFA 14, Forza 4 and NBA2K will run on 1080p resolution on Xbox One.

It has been further noted that the journalists are not talking about CoD: Ghosts running on 720p because of the Ghosts review embargo, which ends on 5 November for all platforms, whereas a separate embargo by Microsoft lifts up only on 12 November.

Albert Penello and Phil Spencer, director of product planning and executive vice president of Microsoft, have declined to comment on the issue.

One can see a number of Sony PlayStation 4 footage of CoD: Ghosts running at 1080p at 60fps in IGN, one of the leading game news website. But there is no Xbox One footage because of the embargo imposed upon the journalists, according to Cinemablend.

Erik Kain, a famous videogame technology reporter at Forbes, and David Abrams, owner of a gaming news website Cheapass Gamer, have confirmed the information over a couple of tweets.

Erik Kain (Tweet 1): "So apparently Microsoft's Albert Penello isn't even allowed to know the Xbox One's Call of Duty Ghosts resolution."

Erik Kain (Tweet 2): "This is weird since I know for a fact that many people do know what its resolution is but can't say due to Microsoft's embargo."

David Abrams (Tweet 1): "I'm not reviewing any Xbox One games so I will tell you right now, Ghosts on XB1 is indeed 720p vs PS4′s 1080p. Could that change? Maybe?"

Microsoft has not commented anything on this topic, making it more curious for gamers to know the real deal.