Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Ghosts was released on Nov 5.Facebook/Call of Duty Ghosts

FPS title, Call of Duty: Ghosts is all set to unleash its final downloadable content (DLC) titled 'Nemesis' in August.

The DLC will consist of four maps and will also feather the concluding chapter of Extinction titled 'Exodus.' The DLC will be made available for Xbox platforms initially on 5 August.

Activision has included some new action in the maps that will bode well with the fans. Players will be able to ride on the minecart, which can also kill opponents when it hits them. It also has the smallest map that has been created for Call of Duty. The map is from Modern Warfare's Shipment.

The four maps are all of 'small to medium' size and are described below (Press Release):

  • Goldrush: An abandoned mine gives the perfect setting for the players to have their battles, with tunnels and shafts along the route. Players will get to ride in couple of minecarts that will provide them a ride while cruising through the map. Completing the field order on Goldrush will allow players to receive a pack of wolves that can be used against their enemies.
  • Subzero: This map will introduce players to the Canadian extreme weather and to a submarine base whose inhabitants have left the base in a hurry. All the important parts of the submarine base have been left unattended. Once players complete the field order in the map, they will be able to receive a blizzard that will take on the opponents.
  • Dynasty: This is a fan favourite map and one of the scenic of all maps in the game. It takes players to the lakeside Chinese village that is surrounded by picturesque mountains and Chinese architecture. This medium sized map will provide players with a number of elevation points, back alleys and multiple pathways that can be used for flanking. Players completing the field order will be able to call an air strike on rivals.
  • Showtime: This is the re-imagined version of the smallest map that was created in the game's history. It is also one of the fan favourite map from Modern Warfare. The map has some blind corners and narrow pathways that will only provide safety for a small time before the guns go all ablaze with this map consisting of shipping containers. Players who are able to survive longer will be certainly rewarded. The reward will be either of the three killstreaks - lethal automated gun turrets at key locations on the map, an air drop with multiple care packages or a deadly gas attack on your enemies.
  • Episode 4: Exodus - This is the last and the concluding chapter of Extinction, featuring aliens. Players will be asked to get some key personnel involved in the fight for safety. This they have to do after the restoration of the power to the shuttle and by launching it to low earth orbit space station. Players will be given the freedom to choose their own path, gather new intel and craft new weapons to tackle the enemies that are known for mind control and psionic attacks.

Players will be able to buy the DLC separately for $14.99. It is also part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass.

(YouTube Courtesy: CallofDuty)