Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly reprimanded her son Brody for talking about his sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner's sex lives while promoting his upcoming show "Sex with Brody," where he will be talking about making sex tapes and sleeping with ex-girlfriends.

During an interview with The Mirror, Brody said that his teenaged sisters could teach him a thing or two about sex. He also noted that the Kardashians have a hand in teaching the girls about sex. "I mean, look at their older sisters [Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian]. Are you kidding me?"

However, these statements have not gone down well with Caitlyn, who reportedly found it too crass and vulgar, especially as Kylie was still a minor.

 "Brody talks about his sisters sex lives too much. He has opened up way too much about his little sisters for everyone's liking including Caitlyn," a source told HollywoodLife.

"After his last interview Caitlyn had to pull Brody aside and reprimand him, reminding him that Kylie is still a minor. Caitlyn thinks it's just crass and vulgar for him to talk about his sisters sexuality and told him to stop," the source added.

Brody also opened up about his sexual experiences, saying he made a sex tape when he was a teenager.

"I literally filmed it when I was like 17-years-old," he said. "I was a child and I got rid of it afterwards. I think a lot of kids that age have probably done the same. But I never had any intention of putting it out there."

The former Hills stars also added that he has stayed away from watching stepsister Kim Kardashian's sex tape.

Talking about his new sex chat show, Brody told The Mirror that it can get a bit uncomfortable as he will be addressing taboo subjects as well.

"It's about very taboo subjects which not a lot of people talk about," added Brody. "I do get a grilling and some of it can be uncomfortable - but not as uncomfortable as when people write stories about me that simply aren't true!"